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The Power of Positive Thinking

November 20, 2022
4:00pm – 7:00pm HST
The power of positive thinking goes beyond your thoughts to affect your attitudes, your actions, and even your health. Positive thinking is not about ignoring life’s challenges but about how you approach them. Positive thinkers reframe the way they think about and react to experiences. They are adaptable and expect that ultimately things will work out for the best. Speakers at TEDxLihue will share the insights, breakthroughs and stories that formed their unique perspectives on the power of positive thinking to help set you on your positive thinking journey.

Speakers for The Power of Positive Thinking

Kasey Baltz
Kasey Baltz Journalist
Amanda Blackwell
Amanda Blackwell Writer
Rachel Secretario
Rachel Secretario Comedian/Educator
Meryl Abrams
Meryl Abrams Homeschool Educator
Patricia Wistinghausen
Patricia Wistinghausen Social Entrepreneur
Cary Valentine
Cary Valentine Mental Game Coach, Author
Mahinanani Laughlin
Mahinanani Laughlin Soul Explorer
Sabra Kauka
Sabra Kauka Kumu
Puna Kalama Dawson
Puna Kalama Dawson Kumu Hula Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner
Joel Salomon
Joel Salomon Master Prosperity Coach
Elisa Audo-Beliov, Ph.D
Elisa Audo-Beliov, Ph.D Joyologist
Brittni Friedlander
Brittni Friedlander Science Teacher
Britt Ivy
Britt Ivy Speaker/Author
Koko Kaneali’i
Koko Kaneali’i Entertainer/Entrepreneur

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